“Civil War?” The Democrats Are Already AT WAR!

“Civil War?” The Democrats Are Already AT WAR!

- in Features, Wow! Magazine

Watcher of Weasels by Jeffrey Avalon Friedberg

Civil War? We ain’t got no Civil War! We don’t need no Civil War!
I don’t have to show you any stinking Civil War!

In AmericanThinker.com, Monica Showalter writes:

Democrats are still playing the same playbook, as if Americans wouldn’t remember.

It comes just as we’ve just gotten past the Democrat sheet-show over the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, where phony allegations of sexual harassment were cooked up for a last-minute bid to sink the nomination….

…That was a recrudescence of the playbook the Democrats cooked up on Anita Hill in the late 1990s over the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court nomination.

Like we wouldn’t remember that, either.

‘It’s not over until the illegal wins,’ which is another Democrat-supported production.

Bush Derangement Syndrome is now Trump Derangement Syndrome….

…All of these things are suggestive of a party unable to take ‘no’ for an answer, and thus, unable to adapt to democracy itself….

…But it’s significant that they are using the same sleights of hand they used 20 years ago, and thinking we’re fools who’ll fall for it. They aren’t even coming up with new kinds of dirty tricks, they are just replaying the old ones, hoping for a different result….

Ms. Showalter is entirely correct.

However, democrats are not merely opposing conservatives. They have been–and already are–at war with us. Not, “civil war.”

War itself.

This democrat war is replete with spies, lies, propaganda, cons, “Johns,” rape, sex, hate, guns, drugs, booze, schmooze, soldiers, bag holders, brown shirts–and lurking murder.

As with Muslim militants and ISIS, Americans don’t even seem know they are–and have been–in a WAR[…]

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Jeffrey Avalon Friedberg is a contributor to Wow! Magazine.  From 2001 to the present, Friedberg has been a blogger, and columnist at American Thinker, Watcher Of Weasels, Intellectual Conservative, among others.  Feel free to check out Friedberg’s archive at Wow! and at his website, Conservative Rightwing Headlines & News.

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