The Phoniest Show On Earth

The Phoniest Show On Earth

Americans are getting a peak into exactly what we can expect out of the Progressive rule 116th Congress, the primary focus of which is to distract, resist, destroy the Trump agenda,, Trump the man, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh,  recycle Obamacare, restore what they can of Barack Obama’s legacy, tax Americans to death, import future Progressive voters/sheep.  The latter three, of course, is about the redistribution of America’s wealth while doing the bidding of the left’s globalists masters.

Everything on the agenda of the 116th Congress is detrimental to the Republic.  I am talking about CHAOS and ANARCHY, the tools of Communism.

Right Ring by Bullright

I toyed with the idea of what to call Congress with Dems taking over the HOR. I figured it had to have a circus theme. Something like the Crazy Socialist Circus.

Crazy Sideshow Congress. It is coming to town.

You have the guy in the rear corner in a tent trying to blow flames from his nostrils. There is the bizarre boardwalk of the absurd where you don’t know what could happen, or what may reach out to grab and pull you in. Evil is lurking all around like a cocoon.

A man on the back of an old wagon pledges at the top of his lungs that he has the cure to all the ills of our time in his tonic, which is just another snake oil. Buy it or die.

Rides with ponies parade around the room, strutting as if they were Quarter Horses in pre-race warmups. The acrobats come out for their big show nodding to one another as they go off on choreographed stunts that appear perfectly timed[…]

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