President Makes Dramatic Changes to Asylum, Sends a Powerful Warning

President Makes Dramatic Changes to Asylum, Sends a Powerful Warning

The invasion at our border is not about one or two or more caravans, it’s about open borders. Thousands of people try to sneak into the country every year, actually thousands try every month. Democrats won’t even agree with the President on something as simple as protecting our national security and enforcing our laws. He has to proceed without them.

For political reasons, the left constantly conflates legal and illegal immigration. The same people will even say immigrants commit fewer crimes than citizens, but they are again conflating legal and illegal immigration.

The USA takes at least a million people into the country each year. The President has said he wants a merit-based immigration system but he has never said or done anything against legal immigration.

The President is taking the invasion of our borders into his own hands by using the laws available to him.


The President spoke brilliantly Thursday, explaining that everyone is abusing the immigration system and it must stop.

There will no longer be ‘catch-and-release’, only ‘catch’. Illegal entrants will be held — together if they are family units — in tent cities[…]

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