Ah No! Gee Whiz! Desperate Teams Haven’t Called Colin Kaepernick

Ah No! Gee Whiz! Desperate Teams Haven’t Called Colin Kaepernick

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Ahh…so sad. Even teams desperate for a Quarterback won’t give Kaepernick a call, TMZreports. NFL teams are down to emergency QBs — from the 49ers to the Bills — but they are not interested.

Sources connected to Kaepernick told TMZ Sports that while journeyman Matt Barkley (8 career TDs, 18 career INTs) got the call from Buffalo, no one has reached out to Colin (72 career TDs, 30 INTs).

When asked why Buffalo didn’t kick the tires on Colin, head coach Sean McDermott said, “I know Brandon [Beane] is always looking at all the different options that are available to us, so we’ll leave it at that.” [That means nothing.]

All the while, Kaepernick is training ferociously. He’s ready to go when the call comes.

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