The Pentagon Isn’t Serious About Stopping the Caravan

The Pentagon Isn’t Serious About Stopping the Caravan

When it was reported earlier this week that the Pentagon is sending 800 U. S. military troops to the border, my first thought was “why only 800 troops and what’s the purpose?”  Surely, 800 troops is not enough to protect our borders against a caravan of 12,000 plus.  Yes, 12000 plus because that is exactly where we are heading.

Then I heard the news that the 800 troops heading to the border would not be tasked with “protecting” our border but aiding the invasion. My next thought was “the system is rigged” against us, we the people.  Long story short, the Pentagon is sending troops to aid invaders.

The swamp and its comrades in the resistance intends to have the final word on the matter and unless the President pulls certain players guarding the gates from the scene, the invasion will be proven a success.

How do I know this?  Because the 2100 National Guardsmen sent to the border earlier this year have not been beneficial to the U. S. Border Patrol.

Besides not being allowed to act in the capacity of law enforcement pursuant to a memo issued earlier this year:

“…That memo prohibits guardsmen from interacting with migrants, or taking on a law enforcement role. It also allows for the cost of deploying guardsmen to be reimbursed through federal funds.

But at least one law enforcement representative has raised questions about the usefulness of such deployments. In May, National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd told the Los Angeles Times that Border Patrol agents “have seen no benefit” and that the deployment was “a colossal waste of resources.” The Homeland Security Department disputed Judd’s characterization, and said the Guard’s assistance helped increase apprehensions and seizures of smuggled drugs….

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Just what we need, another damned welcome committee.

Source:  <a href="">Department of Defense</a>.
Source:  Department of Defense.

Another thought that comes to mind:  Caravan invasion 1, President Donald J. Trump and the American people 0.  

Pentagon, the swamp, deep state rolls out welcome mat for invaders.

The American Spectator by BrandonJ. Weichert

It’s acting more like a welcoming committee…

In April of this year, Secretary of Defense James Mattis approved a memo ordering the deployment of up to 4,000 U.S. National Guardsmen to the southwestern border (provided that the governors of border states approve of the action and that the Department of Homeland Security reimburse the Department of Defense for its troubles). Yet, the DoD instituted such strict rules of engagement for the National Guardsmen that they’ve proven useless to the Border Patrol…

What do you think military doctors, engineers, and lawyers are going to do to turn back the human wave threatening America’s porous southwest? (Hint: they’re not going to physically turn back that caravan; they’re going to accommodate it in all likelihood!)

As I reported earlier this year, the Pentagon has already approved the Department of Homeland Security’s request to turn unused areas of large U.S. military bases along the southwestern border into tent cities. Clearly, the Pentagon has decided to engage in its own bit of policymaking, regardless of what the president has ordered — or what the American people want (and what the United States Constitution outlines)[…]

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