Candace Owens takes on Krystal Ball

Candace Owens takes on Krystal Ball

Brainwashed white elitist useful idiots since the election of Barack Obama believe that they now have the right to challenge, even admonish Blacks who refusing to live on the Democratic plantation.

Even worse is that unable to come to grips with Black Conservatives and Democrats who are Trump supporters causes the heads of these elitists to explode.  For them, it is simply too much to bear but for me, it’s quite annoying.

Props to Candace Owens of Turning Point USA who clashed with elitist, Kristal Ball  over false allegations of racism being pushed by Progressives and collaborators in the media and diversity in the Trump White House*.

I truly admire our young Conservatives as I suspect that their having gone to school with looney leftists and having Marxist dingbats educators prepared them well.  In other words, Owens brought her “A” game.

In spite of her efforts, Ball was unable to push her pre-scripted racist and sexist agenda.on Owens who turned the sails on Ball calling her out and challenging her for trying.

Ball:  “It is an administration that has more white men than past administrations have had, but that doesn’t bother you?”

Owens:  “No, no, not at all. I think that we have to stop believing that diversity is the color of people’s skin,…That’s an illusion that the left has sold that somehow because somebody matches my skin color because somebody matches my gender, they have my best interests at heart.”

Ball referred to a tweet dispatched by Owens earlier.

Ball is an elitist who just does not get it.  She, like most Progressives, can’t breathe without seeing race and therein lies her problem.  What is up with Progressives querying Hispanic, Asian, Muslim or Black Trump supporters about race?  It REALLY is QUITE annoying.

Owens:  “If you don’t look at me according to the color of my skin, you would simply ask me how I thought Trump was doing as a president. Instead, you try to drum up a conversation that is surrounded by race by asking me if there are enough black people in the White House,”


*On the subject of diversity in the Trump White House and false allegations or racism, very few in the Communist media complex will report when First Lady Melania Trump and/or President Donald J. Trump meets and works with non-whites to address the concerns and interests of various ethnic communities.

It does not fit their narrative or that of Progressive pundits and bureaucrats who have proven themselves to be the most racist people on the planet.

I rest my case.

You can view the full interview with both Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens of Turning Point USA with Buck Sexton and Kristal Ball in which they discuss efforts to spread Conservatism to black Americans in its entirety here.



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