Allen Ness Sounds off about Sexual Misconduct

Allen Ness Sounds off about Sexual Misconduct

Veterans’ Tales

Otherwise Titled: Our 21st Century Paratrooper (Allen Ness) Updates this 20th Century Garritrooper (Vassar) about Sexual Misconduct in the Modern Military

My comment: Damn! Anything that interferes with the harmony and cohesion of this organic team, off with their heads.

False accusations of rape/sexual harassment are running amok in the Army these days. Half the lawmakers see the Army as the Defense of our Nation the other half see’s it as a petri dish for their social justice programs, and in the #MeToo era the Services feel real political pressure to support powerful and corrupt political leadership. Ring-knockers, Block-checkers and Ass-kissers abound. The last Democrat administration put a concerted effort into taking all the testosterone out of the Officers corps, replacing them with the personality types I listed above.

Banning sex during deployments didn’t help any. First off a good rule for those in command is to “Never give an order you know will be disobeyed.” 75% of an Infantry Platoon is under the age of 21, you do the math. An unforeseen consequence of the banning is that once they’re caught they’re both guilty of breaking the ban, unless it was rape. People will do amazing things in pursuit of an Honorable Discharge. Even lie about rape[…]

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