Rush Limbaugh nails it, “We Must Protect Democrats.”

Rush Limbaugh nails it, “We Must Protect Democrats.”

Rush Limbaugh, on Wednesday, expressed concerns about the safety of Progressives.  Who says that Republicans are heartless when one considers that not one Progressive has expressed the concern of anyone other than themselves?

In light of the recent so-called bomb threats that is plaguing the left (sarcasm), Limbaugh condemned “the use of bombs in politics” and in “any other domestic circumstance.”

This line of thought is lost on Progressives who believe that if the effort, no matter how violent and/or deadly brings about the desired endgame, then so be it. Everything else is collateral damage.  Therein lies the threat not just to Progressives but to all Americans.  Limbaugh is right.  Election Day is less than two weeks away. It is our civic duty to protect Progressives from themselves.  How?

What can we do to protect our Democrats? What can we do to help ensure the safety of our Democrat friends? It seems to me the best way to ensure their safety is to get them removed as often as possible from public life. And the most available way to offer this assistance, the most immediate opportunity we have to offer this assistance will occur in just under two weeks, the midterm elections.

With Democrats under siege, Democrats under assault like this, it would only be responsible and compassionate to vote them out of office and remove them from the public sphere in which they exist and are for some reason being targeted here by people apparently sending them bombs. CNN, by the same token, has become, despite its tiny audience, apparently a very large outsized target. We have compassion for anybody who has received a bomb sent to them[…]

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