New York Times Publishes Fantasy Story of Trump Assassination

New York Times Publishes Fantasy Story of Trump Assassination

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Progressives are big on that “do as I say but not what I do” thing as in the case of the New York Times who on Tuesday published a short story that fantasizes on the assassination of President Donald J. Trump.

The story was published one-day before the finding of alleged pipe bombs in several locations and calls for the end of incivility that has plagued the country by Marxists stricken with TDS.  As it so happens, the New York Times is one of the many entities guilty of engaging in anti-Trump, anti-Trump America propaganda and attacks on steroids.

In other words, Marxists want the rest of us to shut up while they attack , spew hate and accuse everyone else of lacking civility.


While mainstream media blame Trump’s inflammatory “fake news” rhetoric for half a dozen bombs mailed to prominent Democrats and CNN, the New York Times has just run a short story envisioning Trump’s assassination.

Frustrated by the failure of the Mueller investigation to turn up the requested dirt on their nemesis-in-chief, the media “resistance” asked a few spy novelists to predict a more appealing future in the Times’ literary supplement. The results revealed some shoddy writing work, even putting aside their predictable endings (spoiler alert – he was colluding with the Russians all along!).

Zoe Sharp’s story was apparently written while she was held hostage in a Bond movie with a bunch of Soviet bad guys. A Russian agent (of course) checks into a hotel, meets another Russian carrying a briefcase with a Makarov pistol and Stolichnaya (because Russia), and gets drunk. The next morning, he tries to shoot the president, but the gun misfires. The crisis – what will Putin think, now that I’ve failed him?! – is averted when a Secret Service agent lends a helping hand. Get it? It’s funny, because even Trump’s staff want to murder him!


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The Communist media complex continues to have nocturnal emissions while dreaming of the assassination of a sitting President.  In the summer of 2017, the New York Times sponsored New York City’s Public Theater “Shakespeare in the Park” production of “Julius Caesar” in which President Trump was portrayed as the Roman emperor, Caesar.  I don’t have to tell you how the play ended.

As one might guess, the fantasy story was not well-received.


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