Finally Unmasked, 20 Members of Huddersfield Grooming Gang Sentenced to 221 Years.

Finally Unmasked, 20 Members of Huddersfield Grooming Gang Sentenced to 221 Years.

While they are the scum of the earth, twenty men who became known as the Huddersfield Grooming Gang in Yorkshire, UK are but one group of sexual predators preying on young girls and boys, many as young as 11 or 12 throughout Europe.  The predators befriend innocent children, ply them with fast food, drugs, alcohol and buy them stuff.  Once they have won the trust of their victims, they pounce .  The children are raped repeatedly by gang members and forced into prostitution.

The predators are mostly Pakistani Muslims and their victims whose childhood has been stolen are not.

On Friday, 20 members of the Huddersfield Grooming Gang was sentenced to a total of 221 years in prison for more than 150 different offenses.  Unfortunately, that would be about ten years each which hardly fits the crime.

Huddersfield Grooming Gang from top left to bottom right: Amere Singh Dhaliwal, Irfan Ahmed, Zahid Hassan, Mohammed Kammer, Raj Singh Barsran, Mohammed Rizwan Aslam, Abdul Rehman, Nahman Mohammed, Mansoor Akhtar, Mohammed Irfraz, Nasarat Hussain, Sajid Hussain, Faisal Nadeem, Mohammed Azeem, Wiqas Mahmud, Manzoor Hassan, Niaz Ahmed, Mohammed Imran Ibrar, Asif Bashir and Mohammed Akram.

The judge finally released the identities of the predators which were kept under wraps throughout the trial.  In addition, members of the grooming gang were granted bail and out on the streets during the whole trial.  At the same time, that these animals roamed the streets of the UK, Tommy Robinson was incarcerated for contempt of court for attempting to cover this trial which happens to be the fist of more to come.

The Scottish Sun

Many in the gang were known by their nicknames, including Chiller, Dracula and Bully.

The offences took place between 2004 and 2011 and included dozens of rapes, sexual assaults, trafficking, abduction and child prostitution.

More trials are set to follow next year but the judge said it was time the public knew what had happened and who was responsible.

The latest abuse took place in Huddersfield, West Yorks., and follows similar scandals in Rotherham, Rochdale, Telford, Oxford and Newcastle.

The judge at Leeds Crown Court said the “gravity” of the offending “far exceeded” anything he had ever seen before.

We can now name all of the 20 men convicted.

They were each jailed for between five and life, with a minimum of 18 years.

Harrowing evidence revealed how the victims were deliberately targeted by the gang in Huddersfield who abused at will[…]

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The rapes and abuse went on for so long because the system failed these children and their families. 

Unfortunately, one of the 20 sexual predators found guilty and sentenced to 17 years in prison has fled the UK.  He is back in Pakistan.

Political correctness, incompetence, fear and lawlessness took precedence over cries for justice and righting the wrongs. Because the victims of grooming gangs allegedly came from troubled homes, the system ignored their cries.

H/t Ace News Service.



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