Obama Aides Describe Secret Bipartisan Plan If Trump Didn’t Concede

Obama Aides Describe Secret Bipartisan Plan If Trump Didn’t Concede

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Two former Obama aides, Ben Rhodes and Jen Psaki, two congenital liars, told New York Magazine’s Intelligencer that the administration devised a bipartisan plan to validate the election results in the event that Clinton won. It sounds like they are paranoid.

They also planned to reveal the intelligence community’s conclusion that Russian interference had sought to promote Trump’s campaign.

The validation plan involved former Secretaries of State Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice, in addition to former presidents and congressional Republicans, according to Intelligencer.

Condoleeza? Most likely, they are suggesting George Bush was involved. Should we believe it?

If true, what did these idiots think? Trump was going to overthrow the government?

Ben Rhodes, the man who lied to Americans about the Iran deal, told Inteligencer that the administration had reason to be worried that if Hillary Clinton won the election, Trump would not accept the results.

“It wasn’t a hypothetical,” Rhodes said. “Trump was already saying it on the campaign trail.”


That is ridiculous. It isn’t what he meant.

When Trump said the election was “rigged”, they took that to mean he wouldn’t concede.

“I will totally accept the result of this great and historic presidential election,” Trump joked to supporters during a campaign rally, “If I win.”

These dopes took that seriously?


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*Credits: Image derivative of photo from Obama White House Flickr 


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