Donald Trump signs drug price transparency legislation aimed at lowering prices

Donald Trump signs drug price transparency legislation aimed at lowering prices

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Prescription drug prices are all over the map.  Three examples, the cash price for:

  • a 30 day supply of Crestor, a cholesterol medication is between $242 and $406 (estimated);
  • the inhalant Dulera 200mcg/5mcg, a medication for asthma is between $313 and $380 (estimated); and
  • 30 tablets of Januvia 100mg, treats type 2 diabetes – is between $435 and $465 (estimated).

The prices as quoted on GoodRx are based on the presentation of a Rx card or coupon at the time of purchase.  Without a coupon or Rx card, the average retail price is probably 20% (at least) more.

It is very hard to nail the prices down.  When doing an online search, the cost of prescription medicine with a coupon or Rx card fluctuate according to geography. Nailing down the purchasing price minus a coupon or Rx card is rather fuzzy.  Calling pharmacies in search of lower costs is even worse.

Then, of course, for many Americans, Rx prescription cards or coupons are out of reach because of the eligibility requirements.

Finally, someone in Washington, D.C. is attempting to reign in the cost of medical prescriptions on behalf of the consumer.

America’s Watchtower by Steve Dennis

Believe it or not something amazing happened today, the Congress actually passed  two pieces of legislation and sent them to the President’s desk for his signature. This legislation is designed to lower the costs of prescription drugs and Donald Trump signed them into law today.

Here is more:

President Donald Trump signed two bills at the White House on Wednesday aimed at lowering pharmaceutical drug prices by promoting greater disclosure in drug pricing.

The two bills the president signed — the Know the Lowest Price Act and the Patients’ Right to Know Drug Prices Act — are meant to prevent “gag clauses” in agreements between pharmacies and pharmacy benefit managers, the middlemen who administer prescription drug programs for insurance companies, which pharmacists say kept them from disclosing cheaper drug options to consumers.

“It’s way out of whack. It’s way too high,” Trump said of the current state of drug pricing at the signing[…]

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