KDS: Unhinged Google employee goes on foul Twitter rant against GOP

KDS: Unhinged Google employee goes on foul Twitter rant against GOP

There goes the algorithm as unhinged Google employee, David Hogue, suffering from Kavanaugh Derangement Syndrome (KDS) went on a vile Twitter rant, apparently triggered by the confirmation of now Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh this past weekend.

Hogue is a a Design Lead at @Google since 2013 (according to his LinkedIn page).  As you can see from the twitter thread at the bottom of this post, Hogue really despises the GOP and President Donald J. Trump.

In the midst of a meltdown, the triggered Google employee dispatched a tweet that read:

“Your are finished @GOP. You polished the final nail in your coffins.


I hope the last images burned into your slimy, evil, treasonous retinas are millions of women laughing and clapping and celebrating as your souls descend into the flames.”

[Dispatched at: 2:21 a.m. – October 6, 2018]

Hogue has since deleted his tweet but not before it went viral. Screenshot below:




Sweet guy. On Sunday, Hogue tweeted the following confirming his earlier tweet and its deletion.


Perfect timing and more proof of Google’s bias against Conservatives.  The very idea that these are the people in control of algorithms and devices is chilling. 



So what does Google have to say for themselves?

A spokeswoman for Google emailed Fox the following, “What employees say in their personal capacity has no bearing on the way we build or operate our products…” As expected.  Of course, had a Communist incurred Hogue’s wrath, Google’s response would have been different but since he attacked Republicans, Google responds with, “nothing to see here, folks. Go away.”

Conservatives should be concerned and while I do not approve of regulations, I suspect that Google has one foot in the door or would if bureaucrats would stop taking their donations and chill out with the backroom deals.

Note: When reviewing Hogue’s “F— the @GOP” tweets compiled below courtesy of Ryan Saavedra (and unrolled via threadreader app), notice the sanctimony, hostility and indignation of an elitist on clear display…and from whom he derives his talking points, correction propaganda.

H/t Peace and Freedom.



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