Jihadi Feminism; Witless Snits

Jihadi Feminism; Witless Snits

Unified Patriots by Haystack

“You can’t blame all men for all sexual assault and insist that you are standing up for women if it doesn’t also mean you do not recognize male victims.

If the Kavanaugh clusterf#ck taught us anything, it taught us that the rule of law is malleable if its application contradicts the fundamental tenets of Jihadi Feminism. It taught us, as well, that if you have a clit and you have a snit over a qualified candidate you don’t like, applying for a job he worked hard his whole life for and fairly earned, you can demand a suspension of constitutional protocol and insist on the world coming to a screeching halt until you have fabricated enough lies and half-truths to destroy his life.

And it taught us, most of all, that – solely based on suspiciously-timed and potentially libelous (and still unproven) charges against you – your life, and the lives of your family, along with your career, can be forever destroyed if you can’t satisfy the moving-target list of expectations Jihadi Feminists have about the way the world should work.

It is no small thing, either, that we also learned – as if we had ever doubted it before – just how tightly tied to the so-called mainstream media the Liberal and Progressive wings of the Democratic Party really are.

The collusion going on behind the scenes, between Democrats and their media wing, to destroy Trump at all costs… Even if it means burning the entire country and everyone in it to the ground… Should never be forgotten. And however you feel about the president, the lasting effect of what the left has done to this country will echo in the hearts and minds of many generations yet to come[…]

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