Bitter old rich white man angry over loss of political power

Bitter old rich white man angry over loss of political power

Clearly, I am not alone in my assessment that I could care less about Hollywood’s political views.  About the only thing that they should take credit for is their role in creating this mess from within their platinum-plated bubble.

Case in point, Robert Redford’s 34th annual Sundance Film Festival  aka “Occupy” Sundance Festival 2012 whose corporate sponsors were One Percenters catering to who else? One Percenters.

Moving on…

Don Surber Blogspot 

Film-maker and real estate developer Robert Redford lamented this weekend the loss of influence in Washington by him and other white liberals.

“Tonight, for the first time I can remember, I feel out of place in the country I was born into and the citizenship I’ve loved my whole life,” wrote in a speech posted shortly after Brett Kavanaugh became the 114th justice in American history.

Redford wrote, “For weeks I’ve watched with sadness as our civil servants have failed us, turning toward bigotry, mean-spiritedness, and mockery as the now-normal tools of the trade”[…]

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