Avenatti: Cory Booker too soft to take on Trump in 2020.

Avenatti: Cory Booker too soft to take on Trump in 2020.

Michael Avenatti, appears to have jump-started the Democratic Party’s elimination matches for the last man or women standing for the award of becoming the Democrat’s 2020 presidential candidate.

Creepy Porn Lawyer  (CPL) threw the gauntlet down in response to a tweet posted by The Hill  on Sunday that included a 30 second video and a statement by Booker, “I have nothing personal against this president, if he wants to attack me personally he can.”

I believe that Booker made the remark while talking to propagandists during a trip to Iowa last week,

Creepy Porn Guy, Avenatti, immediately struck.

Breitbart News by Tony Lee

…Avenatti seemed to take issue with Booker’s remarks in Iowa in which the New Jersey Senator said that he will not “hate” Trump….

An influential left-wing Iowa political publication observed that Booker’s speech over the weekend “could have taken a much different tack.”

“He just as easily could have gone on a stemwinder of blasting Republicans for ramming Kavanaugh’s nomination through and blown the doors off the place. He could have tapped into the fury of the day and positioned himself as the leader of the resistance to Trump’s America,” Iowa Starting Line observed. “Instead, he emphasized the shared bonds that Americans can and should have.”

“You can’t hate Republicans,” Booker reportedly told Iowans. “We need each other as Americans. We’ve got to lead with love. You can’t lead the people if you don’t love the people. All of the people”[…]

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First off, Booker’s words betray him based on the attacks Fartacus, correction Booker unleashed on now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh the past few months, his remarks which escalated the past month and two years of verbal assaults and false allegations levied against President Donald J. Trump, his appointees, etc.

While Booker who has been playing to his audience may see it as “just politics,” most Americans don’t see it that way.

Secondly, and so it begins. Avenatti spent the past few months stepping on the Democratic Party’s message.  TIt took Creepy Porn Lawyer dragging out Deborah Ramirez and that ludicrous story for them to catch on and by then, they could not create the Frankenstein monster created by cable news.

Avenatti doesn’t give a damn. In it for himself, Creepy Porn Lawyer has one plan..





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