Kavanaugh: An Easy Vote

Kavanaugh: An Easy Vote

The following article was written by Kimberly Strassel at the Wall Street Journal.  Strassel deserves credit for her hardline and forthright news reports exposing the deep state’s war against President Donald J. Trump.  She has tirelessly exposed the Communist war waged by the resistence in the walls of the U. S. Capitol against not just the President but all Americans, collusion by their Communist media complex and the extent to which unhinged Communist bureaucrats, their foot soldiers embedded throughout federal, state, local government agencies, Hollywood, Antifa, MeToo movement, Black Lives Matter, CAIR and others will go to make this country ungovernable.

Forty-eight hours ago, Americans were unsure if Judge Brett Kavanugh would become the next Supreme Court Justice.  As the day went on, the sun became brighter and by day’s end, Senators Jeff Flake, Susan Collins and Joe Manchin had informed the country that they would vote “YES” today on Kavanaugh becoming the next Supreme Court Justice.

As it became more likely that Kavanaugh was in, we witnessed rich white elitists who have spent the past few weeks invoking “Anita Hill”, espouse hateful, vile rhetoric, and call for violence while attacking white men based on the color of their skin become all the more unhinged.

A leopard cannot change its spots.

There silver lining is that by their becoming so unhinged and no longer giving a damn, the Democratic Party of the KKK, Jim Crow, slavery, Dredd Scott discarded their wolf’s clothing, correction white sheets and hoods exposing to the world that the Democratic Party of the past four plus decades was an illusion.

Plainly put, it’s not that the Democratic Party has resumed its nefarious deeds, they never ceased but that is for a later post.

As referenced above in this post, Strassel who doesn’t stop there, deserves credit for her reporting on the search and destroy mission to thwart the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, destroy the man, his family and children.

The Kavanaugh Vote:

A ‘no’ would alienate Republican voters and invite the smearing of future nominees.

This is not hard. Democrats and the media have worked ceaselessly to create the impression that Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote is the toughest the Senate will ever take. It isn’t. Not even close. 

True, by using some of the most vicious, ruthless and soulless tactics ever seen in Washington, the left has managed to escalate this moment. But step back, wipe the mud from your eyes, and view this nomination again with 20/20 vision. It’s an easy vote.

Judge Kavanaugh is one of the most respected jurists in the country, with 12 years and hundreds of opinions on the nation’s pre-eminent court of appeals. He has served his country ably and with distinction for decades. He is the definition of a bright, solid conservative jurist, a natural pick for any Republican president—a George W. Bush, a John McCain, a Mitt Romney. Voting for a stellar judge universally praised across the establishment? Easy.

Senators should remember that he was chosen in part for these specific credentials—to spare more-moderate Republicans the debates over abortion and other touchy subjects that might have accompanied different nominees. The entire process has been marked by deference to those moderates—from White House pre-nomination consultations to a rock-solid confirmation process that was the most transparent in history[…]

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Source:  Wall Street Journal.


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