#WalkAway March on Washington – October 26-28th

#WalkAway March on Washington – October 26-28th

They are known as “Blue Dog Republicans”aka former Democrats no longer walking in lockstep with the Democratic Party. Having had enough of the lies, distraction, chaos anti-Trump hate violence and propaganda, they have walked away from the Democratic plantation.

How many are there?  That I cannot say but I can tell you that Democrats of all ethnicities and classes have been abandoning the party of slavery, Jim Crow, KKK, race baiting, labels, false narratives, false accusations, victimhood, search and destroy missions of man, women and child and Marxist ideology in drove for more than a decade.  Oh yes, and that white privilege, anti-man thing that’s being pushed these days.

Disclosure:  I left the Democratic plantation 12 years ago and have not once thought about returning.  See the testimonals of many who have walked away here.

Who are they? They are fed up voters who once lived their lives under the endless labels created for them by the Democratic Party. They have come to grips with the revelations that Progressives have commandeered the Democratic Party and that the Democratic Party, in name only, no longer represents American values, the middle class, American exceptionalism, America First…for starters.


On October 26, 2018 through October 28, 2018, #WalkAway March “Blue Dog Republicans” who back in the day were allegedly referred to as Reagan Democrats are marching on Washington, D.C.  (#MarchAway). 

Canada Free Press by Jim O’Neill (excerpt)

Brandon Straka’s video put a burr under the saddle of the walk-away movement, but folks have been walking away on their own for quite some time—for example, Dave Morrison of “Blue Collar Logic.”

Progressives are trying to force us into a massive collective that they will control through the power of government. My choice was clear, and I’m still walking it. —Dave Morrison “Leaving The Left, My #WalkAway Story

The #WalkAway movement is holding a big rally, a march, during the upcoming weekend of October 26-28, a few days before the November elections. It would be more than a nice gesture if “Bikers for Trump,” “Oath Keepers,” and others of their ilk would “ride shotgun” for these folks. I imagine that, given the violent propensities of the Left, the #WalkAway folks could use the moral support if nothing else[…]

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(Side note: Welcoming these newcomers into the fold, I pray that these Blue Dog Republicans are aware and ready for the pre-scripted violence that will be unleashed against them by George Soros’s Red Army.)

As announced by Brandon Straka, the Silent Majority:

#WalkAway March

Where and when:

#WalkAway March Team

Friday, October 26, 2018 at 7:00 PM  Sunday, October 28, 2018 at 1:30 PM (EDT)

SE Washington, United States

For information regarding the events and to sign up (note deadline is October 19th), go to:  #WalkAway March and Rally on Washington DC, Gala Dinner and Sunday Brunch

Still confused.?Check out Steven Brodie Tucker’s 2016 article, The Rise of the Blue Dog… Republicans?

[Final note, at the same time, I am suspect of this organization but for personal reasons of my own starting with the assault of people who abandoned me when I exited the Democratic Plantation.  I’m praying that this not a disinformation campaign of any kind as we cannot afford such a thing at this moment in American history.  In any event, they have a right to peaceful assembly.]

Let’s see where this goes.



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