False Accusations Are Also Assault; Time To Question Christine Blasey Ford

False Accusations Are Also Assault; Time To Question Christine Blasey Ford

It is past time that we ask out loud, what about perpetration of the crime being ways against the true victims, i.e., Judge Brett Kavanaugh, his family, his wife, his parents, the man’s integrity, his life all of which are under assault 24/7?

For many reasons that you can read about here on this website but sullying over to the “search” bar and typing in Blasey’s name, her little Miss Precious Buttercup performance fell short with me and from my perch in the window, just as Progressives in both Houses are guilty of an assault on Judge Kavanaugh so is Ford who since her name was leaked to the press been rolling in the benjamins on GoFundMe.

Apparently, ruining an innocent man’s life for the sake of the resistance and Me Too movements pays well.

Love Breeds Accountability

As politically-motivated activists hijack the #MeToo movement, Americans are increasingly pushing back against the “guilty until proven innocent” standard that’s emerged.

For my part, from the onset of Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations I’ve afforded her exactly zero empathy or sympathy. This is a first for me, and it takes a lot of courage, but I’ve done it and I stand by it: I think false accusations of sexual assault are themselves a terrifying assault, and I believe Ford is guilty as hell of committing that assault on the body and life of Brett Kavanaugh.

And if we truly want equality and justice without gender bias, then the standard of implied guilt pushed explicitly by media and activists who demand we uniformly “Believe The Women,” must be firmly checked.

And today on CNN, former Reagan Administration Official Linda Chavez promoted a similar sentiment[…]

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