Did Christine Blasey Ford Perjure Herself?

Did Christine Blasey Ford Perjure Herself?


Who santifized Christine Blasey Ford’s bio pages?

Christine Blasey Ford began her testimony on Thursday with:

“My name is Christine Blasey Ford, I am a professor of psychology at Palo Alto University and a research psychologist at the Stanford University School of Medicine.”

As reported by Chadwick Moore of Dangerous.com,

…Under California law, as with almost every other state, in order for a person to identify publicly as a psychologist they must be licensed by the California Board of Psychology, a process that includes 3,000 hours of post-doctoral professional experience and passing two rigorous exams. To call oneself a psychologist without being licensed by a state board is the equivalent of a law school graduate calling herself a lawyer without ever taking the bar exam….

As also reported, although Ford who in 1996, graduated from University of Southern California, completed a Master’s degree in 2009 and an internship in Hawaii, her name is not in the Board of Psychology databases for either state.  I looked into it and came up empty as well.  Is this a matter for concern? Are we missing something?

There is also a matter of Ford’s profile pages.

See screenshots below:

Palo Alto University Faculty page-Christine Blasey:



Pay a visit to Wayback Machine, Internet Archive, go back a bit and this is what you will find.




Stanford Medicine CAP profile:



Again, pay a visit to Wayback Machine, Internet Archive, go back a bit and this is what you will find.


I went back to 2015 because much of what is in between is missing. Coincidence?  Maybe, maybe not.

In both testimonies submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee, Ford’s attorneys  listed Ford as “Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.”  Lisa Banks signs off her letters to Mike Davis, Esquire-Chief Counsel for Nominations and Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), Chairman of United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary as “Attorneys for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.”

09-27-18 Ford Testimony

09-27-18 Ford Testimony Updated

The above documents among others are available for viewing here and here.

So why didn’t someone, anyone challenge Ford? Did Christine Blasey Ford perjure herself?  Did she fudge her credentials?  How say you? What are your thoughts?

Records Show Dr. Ford Is Not A Licensed Psychologist, May Have Committed Perjury


Source: Dangerous.com (Milo, Inc.)

H/t Free Republic via Jeffrey Avalone Freidberg, of Conservative Right Wing News and Contributor to Wow! Magazine.


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