Stop Google’s kiddie data predators

Stop Google’s kiddie data predators

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The schools that my grandchildren attend have been using Google Chromebooks for two years and since I have tasked myself with following my grandson’s school and homework very closely, when doing so, 95% of my time involves working my way through the web that now called “G Suite for Education” formerly called Google Apps for Education.

While it does take a while to learn how to work one’s ways through the apps, my primary concern is Google’s access to data , 24/7 invasion into one’s privacy and Google’s data policy.

Google records EVERYTHING and I do mean EVERYTHING.  What they do with the acquired information is damning. Moreover, I suspect that when one is logged out of their account that Google, even then, continues to spy and gather data.

Michelle Malkin

No consent. No disclosure. No escape.

For legions of unwitting students and teachers across the country, this is the dangerous, de facto data policy Google has imposed over their school districts. An estimated 80 million students and teachers are now signed up for free “G Suite for Education” accounts (formerly known as Google Apps for Education); more than 25 million students and teachers now use Google Chromebooks. A Google logon is the key to accessing homework, quizzes, tests, group discussions, presentations, spreadsheets and other “seamless communication.”

Without it, students and teachers are locked out of their own virtual classrooms.

Local administrators, dazzled by “digital learning initiatives” and shiny tech toys, have sold out vulnerable children to Silicon Valley. Educators and parents who expose and oppose this alarmingly intrusive regime are mocked and marginalized. And Beltway politicians, who are holding Senate hearings this week on Big Tech’s consumer privacy breaches, remain clueless or complicit in the wholesale hijacking of school-age kids’ personally identifiable information for endless data mining and future profit[…]

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