Ford caught in major lie, building permit in 2008 not 2012 for “two doors”

Ford caught in major lie, building permit in 2008 not 2012 for “two doors”

We ended up with precious few moments of any real interrogation by the “prosecutor” that the GOP hauled in for the questioning of Ford. The few claims she did make could easily be dismissed. The “fear of flying” being a case in point.

Lying to Congress is in fact a criminal matter. Clearly her statement about flying was a lie as was pointed out, she flew all over the world. The matter of her therapist notes. Did she show the Washington Post the actual notes or were they her oral representations? She didn’t know and this was only a few weeks ago? Her unwillingness to present the therapists notes to the committee. Then we had the so-called “lie detector” test and the unwillingness to acknowledge if any recordings were taken as well as other issues with it.

But the most compelling lie and the one that should clearly have her fined and jailed and totally discredited was this one:

Christine Blasey Ford told the US Senate Judiciary Committee that the memories of Brett Kavanaugh “first came up” when she went into counseling in 2012. In May 2012 Ford and her husband argued over her desire to add “a second front door” to their home. Ford told the committee on Thursday the desire for a second door was because Brett Kavanaugh made her “claustrophobic.”

As Paul Sperry reported on Thursday night. The Palo Alto building permits were issued to Ford and her husband in 2008 — NOT 2012.

Paul Sperry: Palo Alto bldg permit records raise questions about Ford’s testimony she completed an “extensive remodel” of home in 2012 & that this was seminal event that led her down path to coming out against Kavanaugh b/c she needed to add an escape door. Permit was issued in 2008. 

The worst part of the hearing? Watching what appeared to be the Kavanaugh appointment slipping away by the GOP failure to intervene with the absurd non participation in the process.

Was I the only one that noticed the disbelief in Kavanaugh at the beginning of his questioning? Apparently abandoned by the GOP, the “prosecutor” looked to be the interrogator in chief?

So now it looked like he was going to be the one on trial after the soft glove treatment of Ford[…]

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