#TravisAllenWriteIn — California voters should write in Travis Allen for Senator

#TravisAllenWriteIn — California voters should write in Travis Allen for Senator

Travis Allen, Conservative, Candidate, California Governor election

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With Dems revealing their unfiltered totalitarianism, and no Republicans on the California senate ballot, write in Travis Allen’s name for U.S. Senate.

When Democrats successfully turned California into an Open Primary state, I argued that this would destroy true democracy in California. Spring primaries are the time during which people in a specific party can elect their standard-bearer. Then, as the election nears, these standard bearers make their case to the entire state based upon current social, political, and economic conditions.

In an open primary state such as California, though, open primaries turn the “primary” into a pre-vote before a November run-off. Aside from John Cox’s unexpected (and delightful) appearance on the gubernatorial ballot, come October and November, when voters start paying attention, Californians do not get to hear conservative voices raised on national issues.

The events of the last weeks reveal something else that’s dreadful about Open Primaries, beyond just silencing conservative voices. If last-minute events show that Democrats are unfit to lead in Congress, concerned Californians have no alternatives other than . . . Democrats. That’s precisely what’s happened in this election cycle[…]

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Bookworm is a fellow council member and author at Wow! MagazineFeel free to check out the exceptional archive of essays written by Bookworm at Wow! and at her website, Bookworm Room.


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