Future Cougars? How About Baby Cougars (Kittens) At Holton-Arms High School

Future Cougars? How About Baby Cougars (Kittens) At Holton-Arms High School

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It’s amazing to me, a person the same age as Christine Blasey Ford, watching her attempt to destroy a guy who was 17 when she was doing her kitten act at age 15 at Holton-Arms.

I would’ve been termed a kitten too, I partied like Ford did and I felt up 17yr old boys, and visa versa. I enjoyed my teens. I don’t regret those times and I’m sure those girls and boys don’t either. Why should I? and why should they? You’ll never get me to believe that Ms Christine Blasey, with all of her advantages and status, wasn’t enjoying the advances of the older boys and reveling in it.

It isn’t rape, and it isn’t even attempted rape, it is exactly what you think it is – boys and girls having a good time. I don’t believe Kavanaugh was even at this one party, but certainly Christine had attended many of those parties per her own recounting. She, like many 15 year old girls, partied and enjoyed the company of the boys in their circle in the 1980s.

The left created a sexual revolution in the 1960’s, our parents embraced it, and we watched it growing up. Now come the puritans of the left again as they did during prohibition (they are the definition of bi-polar) to change the rules they created. I say to hell with it, give it to them, let us put chastity belts back on women because they cannot seem to control themselves when they drink. Shoot, lets make drinking by any woman under the age of 40 illegal.

Leftists cannot decide if they want unbridled sex and fun or if they want to be players in the “Handmaid’s Tale.” Leftists have destroyed all decent relationships between men and women. Feminists have destroyed the very flirtatious nature of the dance between men and women. Feminists believe they are the judge, jury and executioner of all relationships period – we need to make sure they know they are not[…]

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