Dems Set Off ‘Profound Alarm” & FBI Will Not Follow Presidential Orders

Dems Set Off ‘Profound Alarm” & FBI Will Not Follow Presidential Orders

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The Department of Justice (DOJ), FBI and Office of the Director of National Intelligence will propose redactions to a series of documents related to the Russia investigation that President Trump ordered to be declassified this week.

They will not just release them as ordered.

Not only that, they will continue to delay — they have ordered a new “methodical review”.

Bloomberg News reported on Wednesday that the agencies are currently doing a methodical review of the documents. There is no official timeline on when their evaluation of the so-called sensitive documents will be finished.

Eventually, they will assemble material and hand it over to the White House.

This is a coup.


Democrats don’t want the documents released and yet they originally said they did. They are now desperately trying to stop the release. We know they don’t care about national security as they claim. If they did, they would have been outraged with Hillary Clinton’s non-stop national security violations[…]

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