Texas Bd. of Ed Votes Retracts Plan to Scrub ‘Heroic’ Defenders of the Alamo from Curriculum

Texas Bd. of Ed Votes Retracts Plan to Scrub ‘Heroic’ Defenders of the Alamo from Curriculum

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Wake up, America.  Streamlining social studies is a dog whistle for Progressive revisionist history aka scrubbing the history books as in the case of how teachers describie the patriots/defenders of the Alamo in terms of their “heroics,” if at all.

The state of Texas happens to be one of the largest textbook markets in the nation and so it was bound to become a major issue when a ten-person work group consisting of historians and educators tasked by the Texas Board of Education suggested the removal of the term when teaching about the Alamo.

The decision to remove of the term “heroics” was allegedly for the purpose of streamlining the social studies curriculum in an effort to “decrease the amount of time teachers have to spend on them in the classroom” made by the same groups kowtowing to political correctness and those determined to revise American history by virtue of scrubbing important events out of existence.

They Failed.

After the efforts to erase the heroic acts of the patriots who defended the Alamo from social studies sparked outrage, the panel backtracked.  The heroic acts of defenders of the Alamo will remain in the curriculum.

Washington Times by James Varney

…State politicians erupted in protest this month after a volunteer team of educators, looking for ways to “streamline” the state’s social studies curriculum, recommended scrubbing references to “all the heroic defenders” at the Alamo from classroom teaching plans.

Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, both Republicans, accused the panel of allowing the dictates of political correctness to run wild and demanded that Texans call the board to complain.

Rep. Ted Poe showed up personally before the board on Tuesday to demand respect for history. He quoted from William B. Travis’ letter to “the people of Texas and all the Americans in the world” seeking reinforcements for about 200 men holed up at the Alamo Mission in 1836, making a doomed stand against a Mexican army about 10 times that size led by Gen. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna.

The board, having been sufficiently chastened, voted Wednesday to maintain references to heroism — but with an additional nod to diversity.

Under the latest plan, seventh-graders asked to “explain the issues surrounding significant events of the Texas Revolution” will now be expected to know “the heroism of the diverse defenders who gave their lives” at the Alamo[…]

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“but with an additional nod to diversity.”  Hmm, that’s rich.  After all, the panel would rather offend Americans than the Mexicans.


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