No, North Carolina Did Not Get Rid Of Common Core

No, North Carolina Did Not Get Rid Of Common Core

Lady Liberty 1885 by A. P. Dillon

There has been a rash of people claiming North Carolina, among other states, got rid of Common Core and that our standards are once again a mess.  This is not even remotely true.

I assure you, NO state that adopted Common Core has gotten rid of it and that definitely includes North Carolina.

Former NC Supt. June Atkinson would never have allowed anything to happen to her precious Common Core. She would have married those standards if she could have.

All that happened to Common Core in North Carolina was a series of formatting changes.

The NC Dept of Public Instruction made no changes of substance made to either the Common Core English Language Arts nor the Math standards.

In other words, the Common Core Pig got a new shade of lipstick.  No one from outside the state was allowed to inspect that shade of lipstick, of course.

So where is all this false talk about Common Core being ‘ditched’ or standards needing improving again coming from? From America’s most annoying Education Gadfly, of course.

Michael Petrilli of the Fordham Institute is now on a multi-state newspaper editorial tour pimping their newest standards report. And yes, the new report has Bill Gates moneybehind it – again.

I’m not kidding about a multi-state PR tour.  The article in the News and Observer I linked to in the tweet above is just one of many just like it in South CarolinaMissouriNebraska, and Oklahoma.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not mad about these opinion pieces by Petrilli/Fordham.

Why am I not mad? To be honest I just really welcome another chance to take the Common Core trash to the curb[…]

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