Of Poignance & Bucket Lists

Of Poignance & Bucket Lists

Today is Friday.  The news cycle this week has been as exhausting as it continues to be chaotic.  Let’s take a break away from the insanity all around us.  Allow me to introduce you to patriot Haystack, proprietor of the website Chronicles of an Urban Hermit.  When you have a moment, stop by and say hello.

Chronicles of an Urban Hermit

It’s interesting how seemingly casual, light-hearted conversations can sometimes take on lives of their own and wind up in places that were never intended. I suppose it happens often enough to be no great surprise, but it seems to me that it’s a bit more rare to find yourself still thinking, many days later, about some of what was said and whether there might be some things in your life that needed to change or should be done differently going forward.

Such was the case in a recent conversation with a very dear friend.

We were yukking it up over a couple places we had each frequented with our respective families and, completely out-of-left-field, the topic came up of how things might be when we find ourselves gently slipping into the warm bath of our life’s final days before stepping off this mortal coil. And don’t be alarmed… it was by no means a sad or morbid exchange… it was simply an imagining of where we would be and under what circumstances we would most likely find ourselves when those final times came. Think of it as the conversation you might have with someone close to you after you have finished writing your bucket list but only just started, wistfully, to envision in your mind’s eye just how things might ultimately play out.

In the days after that conversation I found myself thinking back to the loved ones that have since passed, my mother and father in particular, and all the others that new their deaths were imminent but were no longer able to articulate how well they felt they had done in their lives or how far they felt they had gotten toward checking off any of the items on their own bucket lists[…]

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