Flush out the Cowardly Vermin: Polygraph White House Staffers.

Flush out the Cowardly Vermin: Polygraph White House Staffers.

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In response to a New York Times op-ed supposedly written by a senior White House official, Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government is calling on the White House to flush e author of the op-ed by issuing a  polygraph to everyone working in the White House.

Manning is right.  As President Donald J. Trump appointed staffers to his cabinet, it was obvious that  many of those brought in were swamp critters with an agenda of their own and adamantly opposed to the President and the President’s agenda.  At the same time, President Trump, a rookie amongst a swamp of enemies and aware of his surroundings, needed to get the East and West Wings off the ground and running.

Mission accomplished, America is winning, Americans are winning and there are far too many hiding in the shadows of the White House who hold contempt for the President and his achievements.  It’s time for the President to send a message.  Weed out the poltroon.

Americans for Limited Government (excerpt)

“It is outrageous that a purported Trump administration official has allegedly written an opinion piece in the New York Times admitting to undermining the Trump presidency from within. In doing so, this author automatically impugns every other person in the Trump White House, as everyone now must be suspected of being part of the #NeverTrump resistance.  If the author of the piece has any of the honor that he or she claims by inference, then he or she should proudly stand behind their work and resign their position….

You can read Manning’s statement in its entirety at the link below:

White House needs lie detector tests to root out cowardly resistance

Regardless of whether the op-ed was written by someone in the White House, a disguntled intel staffer, formerly or presently working for the federal government or happens to be more fake news from the New York Times, polygraphs are in order.  

In fact, risking that this may sound a bit paranoid, the President taking into account the depth of the swamp might want to issue a polygraph annually.  Bi-annually?  Just do it.

H/t Washington Examiner.

P.S.: While we are n the subject of those NeverTrumpers who despise the President because, as they say, he is not Conservative enough, allow me to direct you to Vassar Bushmills essay, WAS JONAH GOLDBERG A BETTER THINKER 10 YEARS AGO THAN HE IS TODAY?





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