Conservatism, Inc. Building on Sand?

Conservatism, Inc. Building on Sand?

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The D.C. establishment had a grand old-time last week orchestrating John McCain’s sendoff events as scripted by McCain himself and shoving the legacy of McCain as seen only through the eyes of swamp critters down the throats of all tuning into the gut revolting theatrics.

Bitter swamp dwellers paid their respect by kneeling at the foot of the casket of one whose legacy is built on a myth, touched upon their concept of America greatness as judged by the company they keep, the bottom line of their checking accounts and 401Ks over that of middle class America.  

A few days ago, Jeff Flake tweeted out a screenshot of McCain’s funeral last Friday.  In the screenshot, one sees the Obamas, Bush’s and Bill Clinton seen seated alongside each other in the front row of the church.  Above the screenshot are the words, “Decency Wins.” 

The tweet was clearly a dig at Trump whose presence McCain, the control freak, informed as far back as May was unwelcome at his funeral.  The tweet intended to shame was not well-received and the Flake, a dweller was taken to task for being a petard who along with his fellow neocons’ time is up.

Winning for Americans include the walking back of the war on Christians, our Constitutional liberties, right to choose, American exceptionalism, businesses, economy, jobs and bigger paychecks…for starters.  That is the WINNING against which the establishment elites of both parties at war.

While not saying his name, the swamp lambasted President Donald J. Trump at events where such exploits is by any standards is ill-mannered and frowned upon except through the eyes of bitter elitists role playing.  In so doing, they not only celebrated their disdain for Trump but for those of us not of the swamp or embittered by a Trump presidency.

26But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. 27The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash. — Matthew 7:26-27


Nebraska Energy Observer by NEO

R.S. (The  Other) McCain had a quite interesting post the other day.

As an aside, I believe he is a distant cousin of the one getting buried this weekend. That is a ridiculously overblown show for a Senator and/or a retired non-distinguished naval captain. But I think it symbolizes something, the death of the neocon cliqué. Increasingly the Republican party is becoming the party of Trump – and the American working middle class, and that is overdue.

Back on point, Stacy says this:

Last week, I received an email from Paul Gottfried, the retired professor who is president of the H.L. Mencken Club. Readers will recall that White House speechwriter Darren Beattie was recently purged for having spoken at the Club’s 2016 gathering, because of his alleged association with “white nationalists.” I later discussed Beattie’s speech to the Club (“Darren Beattie: Guilty of Intellectualism”). Professor Gottfried emailed me to contest the description of the Club as a “white nationalist” gathering. Although he has been called the “Godfather of the Alt-Right,” this itself highlights misunderstandings about the loose aggregation of those who dissent from what Gottfried calls “Conservative, Inc.” […]

Professor Gottfried makes this point.

[Williamson’s] firing, however, was only one of a multitude of such incidents, going back to the 1950’s, in which National Review and other fixtures of the conservative movement empire had released and sometimes subsequently humiliated employees and former allies, who had taken deviationist stands. It is astonishing how rarely this behavior received notice. Those whom the gatekeepers of the socially and professionally acceptable Right cast into perdition allegedly deserve their fate. After all, the nice conservatives, the ones who appear on network TV and on the Republican cable network and who write for the national press, have condemned those they expelled as “extremists.” Why should the liberal establishment even question these judgments?
On the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of National Review in 2005, senior editor Jonah Goldberg presented the authorized account of how the magazine’s founder William F. Buckley had sanitized the post-war conservative movement. In a commentary “Golden Days” Goldberg indicates the care with which Buckley scraped off the dross from what became a major political and cultural force in American life. […]

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It is not up to Megyn McCain and the cabal of elites that sought to admonish, we the people, to ordain what makes America great when in reality, that which makes America truly great is derived from the power of the American people.

Other content worth checking out from patriot blogger, Dave of Nebraska Energy Observer:


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