DOJ/FBI Colluded with Russian Oligarch Against Trump Campaign

DOJ/FBI Colluded with Russian Oligarch Against Trump Campaign

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Former British spy Christopher Steele tried to turn a Russian oligarch and close Putin ally to give evidence against the Trump campaign in exchange for solving his legal woes and getting him a visa, The Telegraph reports. In other words, they tried bribing him. The information is revealed in emails uncovered by the NY Times.

Former MI-6 spy and dossier author Christopher Steele was fired from the FBI for lying but continued to work for them. He worked for the Hillary Clinton campaign via Fusion GPS at the same time he was working with the FBI. All this took place while he was assembling an unverifiable anti-Trump Russia dossier.

His dossier said Russian intelligence agencies had compromising personal and business information about Mr. Trump.

In the latest twist, the New York Times reports that the FBI and the Justice Department attempted from 2014-2016 to turn Russian oligarch and Putin friend Oleg Deripaska, whose vast aluminum empire made him Russia’s richest man, into an informant.

They suggested they could ease Deripaska’s legal woes and help him secure a visa for the US.

In one of the FOIA’d emails a couple months back, Steele and FBI then-number 4 man Bruce Ohr express concerns about Deripaska possibly not getting a visa. They discuss the visa process going well in a later email[…]

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