Fighting Big Education, Part II, the Framework

Fighting Big Education, Part II, the Framework

So that backward glance to the 1960s reveals that what we thought was just a blip in our history— Yankee imperialism, force-feeding Christianity on non-Christian cultures (trust me, I heard it all), and the best gag of all, our warmongering being forced on a culture of youth who only wanted to groove and get in touch with whatever visions peyote buds could produce. Yeah, man!

Fifty years later, we’ve seen those innocent children of the sun morph into the most vicious cultural nihilists since Adolf Hitler set loose the storm-trooper hounds on the people of Germany in the decade befote he launched the Second World War.

A few weeks ago I asked the question, what is it that causes a man to join the army, and risk his neck. when he doesn’t have to?

Our Allen Ness, the real sojur of this VeteransTales enterprise, replied that patriotism as I had it described in school in the 60s, had little to do with it; Pledge of Allegiance from 4th grade on, Sunday School about right and wrong, stories of American heroes, Washington, Franklin, Lincoln, in Social Studies, American civics in 9th grade, American History and American Government 11th-12th grade.

What I didn’t know was that Allen, a school kid in the 80s, in all likelihood had very little of the patriotic nature of America ever taught to him in the first place.

Get this: For over 30 years American school children in public schools have never heard the phrase “we hold these truths to be self-evident”! Still, let me tell you what some Soviet law professors did when they heard those lines for the first time in 1991.

They cried.

My Vietnam generation had “America” taught to them in some manner or the other since 4th Grade. It was in all the textbooks. But most of us slept through it anyway. All my history teachers sounded like Ben Stein as Ferris Bueller’s teacher. Remember him? Boring.  We didn’t know it then, but American education had been turning ever-so-slowly and surely “progressive” since the Wilson era in the early 1900s[…]

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