To Leave Them In Or Not To Leave Them In

To Leave Them In Or Not To Leave Them In

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So many parents are frustrated with their public school system, and that is actually putting it mildly. We have published many stories of parents who are down right mad at their school district and even some who are afraid of retribution from district personnel. A few years ago I toyed with the idea of writing a book for parents who were putting their kids in public school for the first time, sharing with them tips for dealing with all the troubles I knew schools could inflict on new uninformed parents. Perhaps it was fate made me drag my feet on that idea (I never wrote more than an outline), because today I would advise people just as Mary Rice Hasson has done in her book “Get Out Now: Why you should pull your kids from public school before it’s too late.”

There’s a great TownHall op-ed piece by the book’s author and co-author Theresa Farnan, an adjunct professor of philosophy at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, detailing their reasons for advising parents to pull their kids out of public school.  I won’t spend time covering the pros and cons of letting them in and trying to change the system. The author echoes my own thoughts, which I have expressed in this blog before, quite well.

For Hasson, the transgender debate revealed that the idea of local control of public schools is now a complete fantasy. Even teachers and administrators are no longer able to decide what happens in the local school, so if you think electing better school board members will fix any of the problems, you are delusional.

Pulling your children out accomplishes two (maybe three) important things:

  1.   They will no longer be subject to incessant and sometimes dangerous progressive messages (e.g. the rise of comprehensive sex education has led to a statistically significant rise in STDs among teenagers.) This will lead to less stress for them and your whole family.
  2.   Their absence will deprive the system of much desired per pupil funding. It won’t take the loss of too many students for many districts to realistically face bankruptcy. This may be the only tool left in the toolbox to force districts to listen to parents. They will still have pressure from outside the district, but they may have to consider forgoing all the money that brings all that pressure in order to maintain any kind of public school[…]

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