Supreme nominee Kavanaugh – waiting for Rosenstein’s vetting report!

Supreme nominee Kavanaugh – waiting for Rosenstein’s vetting report!

I’m waiting for an upcoming surprise with the Supreme court nominee.. so says Bunkerville. I’ll call this a sleeper. While the Dems are calling for tons of documents, meanwhile Rosenstein’s little Santa’s Helpers are pouring all over them. Back in July I posted

Rosenstein to unleash 300 Federal Prosecutors to vett Kavanaugh

By DonkeyHotey-Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Do we all think that the Dems have rolled over for this nominee? I just read that Collins and Murkowski are meeting this week with him. Look for a September surprise. Looking back:

Rosenstein says he needs these prosecutors to “review” the documents of Kavanaugh. Why is Rosenstein taking this over? Kavanaugh was vetted when he took his seat on the D.C.court. For the last two years we kept hearing how this fellow had been looked over by the attorneys and everyone else of consequence.

First, he was involved in the Bush Florida debacle of vote counting that went to the Supremes. Great. All those documents will be reviewed. Then we have all the years of the Starr investigation.

Lets do Whitewater one more time. Then all those opinions during the Bush years.

Now that will be rich going down that memory lane looking for Kavanuagh misdeeds. After all, that’s what prosecutors do. Hmm I wonder if the prosecutors will look into his handling of Vince Foster death?


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