Clinton Mob Lawyer Lanny Davis Sold Out His Client

Clinton Mob Lawyer Lanny Davis Sold Out His Client

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Some legal experts are saying today that Lanny Davis, Hillary’s close friend and general counsel, sold his client Michael Cohen out with a sentence unwarranted by the crimes. Do we have to ask ourselves why?

Is it because Hillary Clinton is his client and not Michael Cohen?

It’s important to note that the verdict and plea in the Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen cases respectively have nothing to do with Russia or collusion. The Manafort trial did not deal with his role as a Trump campaign chairman. In Cohen’s case, he said he made the payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougall at the direction of an unidentified candidate. That’s not criminal.

So far, the President is not criminally libel. The crime is the illicit use of campaign money and Cohen, who has offered different accounts of the payoff, was responsible for that. Just a few months ago, Cohen absolved Trump of guilt.

Blackmailer Stormy Daniels started the sequence of events because she wanted more money. She then reneged on the deal.


The front pages of the newspapers today are politically damaging. The NY Post reads, ‘Don’s Cons’, The NY Times headline is, ‘All the President’s Crooks’, and the Daily News blares, ‘All the President’s Henchmen’.

Mueller has become a cudgel for the left and the media as he continues the fishing expedition. If Democrats win the House, they will use this as ammunition to impeach the President. They have no intention of letting him do his job[…]

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