John Brennan is crazy

John Brennan is crazy

John Brennan is a dangerous man.  He is drunk on how he sees himself in the mirror every morning, overdosing on Trump Derangement Syndrome and revelations that Americans are not buying what he’s selling sends the alleged Wahhabist-Muslim convert, Brennan over the edge.

If you’ve been trying to put your finger of what is wrong with John Brennan, let Don Surber enlighten you.


Besides being a communist, Obama’s chief spy — John Brennan — is crazy. Insiders in Washington know this, including the president who is only too happy to watch Brennan go bonkers on TV.


Here are two stories on Brennan’s recent television adventures.

The Hill reported, “Former CIA Director John Brennan said that he didn’t mean President Trump had committed treason when he called Trump’s press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin ‘nothing short of treason.’

“Brennan clarified the comment during an interview Friday, after MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow said Brennan said the press conference ‘rose to treason.’

“The former CIA director disputed the characterization of his treason tweet, saying that he felt compelled to make the comment after Trump sided with Putin’s denials of Russia’s election interference”[…]

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Don Surber is a fellow council members of Wow! Magazine.  Feel free to check out the archive of essays written by Surber at Wow! and at his website,  Don Surber.


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