Triggering the Deep State.

Triggering the Deep State.


While the deep state continues to rant and rage on over John Brennan having lost his security clearance and the threat of their clearances being pulled, they and their media sock puppets are counting on the stupidity of viewers.

All are attempting to lie, bully and spin their way back from a nation’s newfound revelations that after leaving the federal government, profiteers are able to shop U. S. intelligence throughout the globe because they retain security  clearance.

Swamp Critters “doth protest too much, me thinks.”

Enter that bitter, NeverTrumper/war monger, Retired Lt. Col.  Ralph Peters, who this morning referred to Fox News anchors as “prostitutes.”

I have no idea whether Peters has security clearance of anything but he sees the President as a threat and I do not believe that it has to do with the U. S. Constitution.

Not only does it makes sense, the very thought that President Donald J. Trump is considering pulling back security clearances explains the level of screaming coming from those whose prominence, life style, ego and bottom line in their checking accounts are dependent upon retaining access.

They have forgotten that, (a) they are not entitled and (b) nor do they have the right, like an employee of any other job, to maintain security clearances, once they leave the employment of the federal government.  One’s sense of entitlement is meaningless, as confirmed by Uriel of Hard Knox & Friends (excerpt below).

…Frankly to be totally fair everyone who left office whether resigning or for any other reason, even those under review need to have their security clearance pulled, if not permanently then temporarily, until the situation is finally cleared.

There should be NO ONE not even a past president having any security clearance except as read in on a temporary basis for a specific purpose.


50 U.S. Code § 3341 – Security clearances

Need to Know

(b)The Director of National Intelligence shall establish and implement a process for all elements of the intelligence community to review, on an annual basis, individuals included on distribution lists for access to classified information. Such process shall ensure that only individuals who have a particularized “need to know” (as determined by the Director) are continued on such distribution lists.


Bill Clinton Executive Order12968 of August 2, 1995

Sec. 2.1. Eligibility Determinations.

Sec. 2.2. Level of Access Approval

Sec. 2.3 Temporary Access to Higher Levels. (a) An employee who has been determined to be eligible for access to classified information based on favorable adjudication of a completed investigation may be granted temporary
access to a higher level where security personnel authorized by the agency head to make access eligibility determinations find that such access:

(1) is necessary to meet operational or contractual exigencies not expected to be of a recurring nature;
(2) will not exceed 180 days; and
(3) is limited to specific, identifiable information that is made the subject of a written access record[…]

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I urge you to read Uriel’s article in its entirety, For those unsure, it’s an eye opener.

Hannity and Levin on Security Clearance revokation


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