FB Blocks Republican Candidate’s Campaign [Must-See] Video

FB Blocks Republican Candidate’s Campaign [Must-See] Video

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Elizabeth Heng – CA-16, Republican candidate (screenshot)

Elizabeth Heng almost beat incumbent Democratic congressman Jim Costa in California’s open primaries in early June. She will face Costa again in the general election in November.

Ms. Heng is a young, smart, attractive 33-year old Republican who understands the horrors of communism.

She is to the right what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is to the far-left, but she is getting treated very differently.

On Saturday, Heng’s campaign tried to place a video as an ad on Facebook. It begins with her family’s trials and tribulations amidst the horror of Cambodian genocide.

Facebook rejected it as “too shocking”.

What metric did they use to reject it? Is it because the commies don’t come out looking good? Were their sensibilities disturbed by reality? Perhaps they don’t want this Republican to have a fair shot at Congress? Maybe they feel an Asian Republican would harm their hold over Asians and the identity politics theme.

This video is excellent, while the video that helped get Ocasio-Cortez elected was a joke. It begins with her doing her hair, putting makeup on, taking the subway, and claiming to be something she’s not.

On the other hand, you have Miss Heng and her amazing history. Her parents barely survived the Cambodian massacres by the Communists[…]

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