Here is a story we should look at with some skepticism.

Senator Dianne Feinstein employed a Chinese spy as her driver, gofer, and liaison to the Asian-American community for twenty years.

This is five year old news that we are only hearing about now. It was kept so quiet that even her staff didn’t know about it.

The FBI is very kind to Democrats.

The San Francisco Chronicle first reported the story Thursday.

The Chinese steal whatever they can in whatever way they can and are an ever-present danger.  In this case nothing happened to the spy except he had to retire. Allegedly he passed on nothing important and didn’t know he was a spy.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the Bay Area is a hotbed for Russian and Chinese espionage because of Silicon Valley.

Late last year, the feds shut down the Russian consulate in San Francisco. Reports of black smoke billowing out of the consulate suggested they were burning documents[…]

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