Trump the American Years by therasberrypalace

Like most Americans i don’t have a degree in economics but common sense and life experience has taught me a few things. Most of us know the following to be true:

Taxes are money that is given to the government. The government then decides what to do with those taxes.We work.We pay a designated part of our income to the government. What have we learned about the government over the years?They do a good job of wasting money. Why care when it’s not yours?

We also know that some of the people we have elected like to do “programs”. Programs cost a lot of money and once they’re instituted they end up being permanent. Where do they get the money from? Yep,taxes.When Trump entered the race [back when] he changed that dynamic.

Congress had the government charity scam down pat for years.They created dependency.Once they did they would go to the same people they lured into dependency, asking for votes[…]

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