Gnat-Like Jim Acosta Whines After He Leaves ‘Pool Spray’ Stupidly

Gnat-Like Jim Acosta Whines After He Leaves ‘Pool Spray’ Stupidly

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CNN’s Jim Acosta enjoys his role as town idiot, screaming out questions of the President attempting to humiliate him before foreign leaders. Obviously, CNN appreciates Acosta’s talent for the absurd.

On Monday, Acosta continued his antics during a photo-op of the President with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. Last week it was Kaitlen Collins who shouted out questions and refused to leave. This week it was Jim Acosta.

He just wouldn’t leave. Instead, he kept yelling. First, he shouted out,  “If there is no collusion, why does Rudy Giuliani keep saying there is no crime in collusion?”

As usual, he’s using questions to mislead.

“Make your way out. Let’s go.” a White House staffer can be heard shouting above the din.

Acosta continued, “Mr. President, do you think other countries should not allow children to stay with their parents, if they enter the country illegally?”

A White House staffer had enough.

“Move, Jim, let’s go. Keep going, Jim, let’s go. Jim, we’re leaving. Come on, Jim. Go. We’re done,” the staffer said loudly[…]

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