Stupendously Annoying Hack Juan Williams Credits Obama with the Economy

Stupendously Annoying Hack Juan Williams Credits Obama with the Economy

Juan Williams is so far-left and such a hack that he cannot give the President any credit for the economic growth. He credited [the unspectacular performance by] Barack Obama with the economic growth.

Williams is holding on to the now-old saw that the recession under Obama was the worst recession since the Great Depression. It never was but even if it were, why couldn’t Obama get to 3 percent GDP, unlike every other modern day President who also suffered through recessions?

We know why — his regulations, taxes, and no-growth policies.

The Fox commentator likes to quote economists like David Krugman who are always spectacularly wrong.

The left, including Juan, are absurdly claiming the growth will be very short-lived because it’s all about the soybeans.

The EU said they’d buy more soybeans. It’s ridiculous on the face of it, but the entire media, except Fox, is reporting it — they all got the memo[…]

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