Half of San Francisco’s Residents Want to Get Out of the Up-and-Coming “S***hole”

Half of San Francisco’s Residents Want to Get Out of the Up-and-Coming “S***hole”

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The ‘female Obama’, Senator Kamala Harris wants Americans who can afford their housing costs to pay for those who pay more than 30 percent of their income towards housing. All that would do is make us all poorer. The reality is that liberal/leftist policies like that one add to the problem.

Go Banking Rates predicted ten cities where housing costs will soar this year and eight of them are liberal/leftist areas, one is a mixture and one is more conservative. They are Miami, Tampa (more conservative), Phoenix, Dallas-Fort Worth, San Francisco, San Diego (a mixture), Atlanta, Denver, Seattle, and Portland.

MSN lists ten cities where the costs are out of control and they are all liberal/leftist: Stamford, Norwalk, Yonkers, Hollywood, FL, NYC, LA, Pompano Beach, FL, Hialeah, FL, Miami, and Newark, NJ.

Let’s take one as an example of why housing costs are so high in these liberal/leftist areas — San Francisco.

recent poll, shows that an astounding 46 percent — nearly half — of San Francisco residents want to leave the Bay Area. Most want to go to Texas where conservatives have kept the state stable. Unfortunately, the new residents will bring their left-wing ideas with them.

There are many reasons for leaving the Bay Area. Rising crime rates and lawlessness, as well as worsening sanitation, are among them. Pounds of poop in the street is very uninviting as are the syringes. One train conductor warns passengers not to sit on the syringes.

Don’t be surprised if one day a plague travels through this sanctuary city. Parts of San Fran are worse than the “dirtiest slums of the world.” It’s being taken off the list of tourist destinations by a number of travel agencies[…]

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