Snowflakes Demand Lee University Cancel Appearance by VP Pence.

Snowflakes Demand Lee University Cancel Appearance by VP Pence.

Vice President Mike R. Pence is scheduled to speak this morning at Lee University’s Pangle Hall and true to form, intolerant leftist buffoons are circulating a petition demanding that the University dis-invite VP Pence from the event entitled, “Tax Cuts to Put America First!”

According to the petition, created on by Cedes Harris, a student allegedly attending the University, the Vice President “does not represent the love, acceptance, and understanding which the Students, Faculty, and Alumni of Lee University, being a Christian institution and following the example of Jesus Christ, desire to embody and live out” among other Progressively claims.

Harris alleges that students do not feel safe.  Invoking the usual Marxist anti-Trump/Pence/America First propaganda, Harris and the usual suspects have threatened to protest should the university fail to comply.

Campus Reform by Zachary Petrizzo

…It offers seven reasons for why the event should be cancelled, three of which relate to Pence’s affiliation with America First Policies, a political advocacy group created to promote President Trump’s agenda.

“Both his involvement with the America First Policies organization and his exhortation of its values defy and ignore the following Christian values,” the list of complaints begins, citing Bible verses about caring for the poor and being hospitable to foreigners.

“America First Policies dehumanizes both refugees and immigrants who seek justice, liberty, and freedom from discrimination in the United States,” it continues, adding that “America First Policies, along with local sponsor Allan Jones, supports tax regulations and policies which will inevitably secure wealth for the middle and upper classes while further afflicting the working and poor classes of society”[…]

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As of this morning, the petition has garnered 539 of 1,000 needed signatures and as noted in a disclaimer at the bottom of the petition, “The opinions presented in this petition are those of the individual signatories and do not represent the positions of all students and faculty nor of Lee University as an institution.


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