Can Peter Strzok survive James Woods tweets? Probably not! He also can’t survive his own testimony or the photos that captured his inner demon. His testimony was sanctimonious and unbelievable but he had desperate Democrats obstructing justice for him during the hearing.

Mr. Strzok has a remarkable lack of self-awareness and Democrats played right into that.

The best moment for us here at the Sentinel was when Rep. Gohmert asked him about lying to his wife when he cheated on her. It wasn’t pretty but it was honest and a smug, condescending Strzok asked for it.


Those on the right, the deplorable, smelly hillbillies he looks down on, have had enough.

The actor put together a looped clip of Strzok and his beloved doppelgänger Hillary. It’s funny.


The responses were funny. Here are a couple.

In other tweets with photos of the devilish Mr. Strzok, he tweeted:When your girlfriend is more important than your wife, your politics more important than your country, and your ego more important than history,…


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