Gohmert Loses It, Rips Strzok A New One — Now Watch Guy In The Back Of The Room

Gohmert Loses It, Rips Strzok A New One — Now Watch Guy In The Back Of The Room

Indeed, Thursday’s televised testimony of FBI agent/narcissist, Peter Strzok was “must see tv” and more telling than the distractions by Progressives and arrogant response of Strzok whose by his response and mannerisms despite his denials of bias placed his scorn for President Donald J. Trump and Trump supporters front and center.

True that the Republican Party were caught off guard by the left’s dog and pony show but that did nothing to deter Republican bureaucrats from taking Strzok on.  However, while the Communist media complex is eating it up and pushing waves of propaganda and spin on behalf of their Marxist bureaucrats in D.C., overlooked are the facial expressions and reactions of those seated behind or in the vicinity of the FBI agent.

To anyone watching the testimony, the expressions and reactions of those in the audience spoke volumes.  I don’t know who these men and women are but if they’re members of the FBI or some other intelligence agency, they either (a) underestimated the intelligence and ability of bureaucrats and viewers of the dog and pony show to read their expressions; (b) left their game faces in the parking garage and/or (c) as the day worn on, they knowingly dropped their guard and simply did not give a damn about us getting a peek behind the curtain.

Mad World News by That Conservative Girl

Peter Strzok, the FBI agent who sent anti-Trump text messages to his mistress while he was a central figure in multiple 2016 election-related investigations, testified before Congress on Thursday. Texas Republican Rep. Louis Gohmert lost his patience, ripping Strzok a new one, and it was all too much for one man in the back of the room to handle.

Republicans lit into Peter Strzok on Capitol Hill Thursday, finally getting the chance to confront the discredited FBI agent in charge of the Hillary Clinton email investigation and the Trump-Russia investigation — including a short stint as the top investigator on Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation — before his text messages came to light.

Although the stakes could not have been higher and Strzok should have been a neutral party, he had penciled Clinton in for the White House from the very beginning and even sent text messages to his mistress warning that the FBI could “stop” a Trump presidency[…]

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