Former Amb. to the US Beaten After Writing a Pro-Trump Piece, Coincidence?

Former Amb. to the US Beaten After Writing a Pro-Trump Piece, Coincidence?

This next story may or may not be about a politically-motivated attack, but one thing is certain, Britain’s suffering a wave of violence like nothing they have ever experienced before.

British conservative reporter Katie Hopkins posted a very disturbing tweet Thursday about Sir Christopher Meyer who was beaten badly by two teens in the London subway. Ms. Hopkins noted in a tweet that the former British ambassador to the U.S. Christopher Meyer wrote a piece for the Independent the day before the beating standing up for President Trump as the “democratically-elected leader.”

Sir Meyer wrote:

But Britain “should care” about what the Republican president thinks when he arrives, the former ambassador said, adding: “Forget the woolly, sentimentalised rhetoric of the ‘special relationship’, we are talking hard national interests here.

“The plain truth is that the US is our single most important partner and ally and President Trump is its democratically elected leader.”

Nigel Farage tweeted along the same lines: “He [Sir Christopher] has been doing a lot of media about how important the Trump visit is. Police say it looks like a robbery – we’ll see”[…]

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