Dem Lawmaker Wants to Give Weasel Peter Strzok a Purple Heart

Dem Lawmaker Wants to Give Weasel Peter Strzok a Purple Heart

During the hearing on Capitol Hill Thursday, Democratic lawmaker Steve Cohen told Peter Strzok he deserved a Purple Heart. Peter Strzok is the nasty, cheating agent who single-handedly brought down the reputation of the FBI.

Why does he deserve a high military honor? He sent thousands of vulgar, hate-filled anti-Trump texts and cheated on his wife. Strzok disgraced the agency.

This is a case of Stolen Valor and the lawmaker should be ashamed of himself. Soldiers have suffered wounds and death under abominable conditions to win a Purple Heart. This guy Strzok wrote disgusting texts to his lover.

During the day’s hearings, Strzok was smug, arrogant, nasty, condescending, not believable, and sanctimonious. In other words, he’s a weasel. Democrats lionized him and even clapped when he gave his answers in an angry tone of voice[…]

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