Far-left Wants to Go Nuclear And Pack the Supreme Court

Far-left Wants to Go Nuclear And Pack the Supreme Court


The hard-left, now in control of the Democrat Party, is serious about packing the Supreme Court with leftists. This is what the left has always wanted — total, dictatorial rule. Once Democrats are back in power, they might well go for it.

The right-wing puts justices on the court who will strictly follow the rule of law. The left puts activist justices on the court who will push through their agenda and legislate from the bench. They want the power of the Supreme Court for decades to come.

Under Barack Obama, legislation also came from the White House under the guise of rules, executive orders, and memorandums.

It was a complete breakdown of law and order, a tearing apart of the Constitution. The next time Democrats come to power, it will be far worse.

There is a call now from the left to plan for packing the courts. They will force Republicans to go along, perhaps offering them something they want in exchange.

The Jacobin Magazine, the Think Progress Justice editor Ian Millhiser, and The Outline are all becoming more vocal about the case for court packing as is Vox and others[…]

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