Trump nominates Kavanaugh, Employs the Bunny Offensive

Trump nominates Kavanaugh, Employs the Bunny Offensive

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Unified Patriots by E Pluribus Unum

Trump Nominates BUNNIES to Supreme Court!!!!!

Come on, now. You can’t seriously oppose BUNNIES, can you?

How about the optics of this one. A guaranteed large (yuuuge???) national TV audience (no network was gonna refuse to run this one), and on stage with nominee Brett Kavanaugh are Mommy Bunny and the two little Bunettes, just as cute as a button. Throw in a little amiable bunny-family banter. What’s that spell? Just a massive dose of the cutes!

It might not, per se, win him a single vote in the Senate, but then the real fight is at home in all the Red States where the incumbent Democrat Senator is running for re-election in a state Trump won (10 of them) , some of them by double-digit margins (5 of them).

That incumbent will be trying to dance on the edge of a razor: he/she *has* to oppose confirmation to stay in the good graces of the party leadership (and all the crazies that dox people and harass them in restaurants). And somehow convince voters in their Red home state that they are somehow justified in voting against BUNNIES!!!!!!


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